The Art of Darren Engleman

My art makes a definite statement about my life, in that my approach to painting is a
reflection of the way I view the world--full of beautiful and strange surprises and hidden
connections.  Art is about seeing things that are difficult to explain and examining what I
value or find beautiful, or even just what I notice in something--what captures my attention.  I
am fascinated by the abstractions I find everywhere I look, and so my paintings are filled with
 geometric patterns of  vibrant color and texture. I am drawn to interpreting  the human
figure in sometimes controversial compositions, as well as flowers, clouds and landscapes.
I  paint in acrylic, both for its capacity to produce layers of fascinating color and for the way
it lends itself to spontaneity.  I truly love painting and hope that those who view my art will
have their imaginations and senses stirred.
There have been many inspirations on my journey, including  Chuck Close,  Ed Mell,
Maynard Dixon and  Deborah Butterfield.