Shipping and

All works that are not labeled as SOLD are available and can be purchased
through this website via Paypal.  Simply click on the "Buy Now" button
located on the page of the artwork that you are interested in purchasing.  
You will be taken to a secure Paypal page where you you can make your
payment and enter shipping information.  Paypal accepts all major credit
cards, and is one of the safest and easiest  ways to make payments for
online purchases.  If you have questions,
click here, or email

International Shipping
Shipping charges that appear when you click "Buy Now" are for domestic
shipping within the United States. These do not cover the costs of
international shipping.  I have shipped artwork to Canada, South America,
Europe and Asia and I am happy to continue to ship worldwide.  Please
email with inquiries about shipping rates and I
will be happy to furnish you with an exact Shipping and Handling Charge to
your destination.

Shipping Multiple Items
Shipping can be combined on purchases of multiple items.  Currently, each
item has a separate shipping charge that appears when you click the "Buy
Now" button on each artwork's page.  I am happy to adjust shipping
charges if I can ship items together, which is usually possible.  The
shipping is calculated by adding the full shipping charge for the highest cost
item(usually because it is larger or more difficult to ship) to half the listed
shipping cost for
each additional item.  Please click here or email if you have questions or would like to discuss
shipping costs or options.

The cost of insuring items in shipping is not currently included in listed  
shipping charges.  Shipping charges are calculated to pay for actual
postage, packaging materials and for handling.  I encourage purchasers to
insure art work and I am happy to provide an exact charge from the
shipping company for insuring each piece.  The payment for insurance can
be settled in a separate Paypal transaction from the purchase transaction.  
Again, if you have any questions, please
click here or email